Where is Bitcoin Headed in 2018?

A Record Year in 2017 On December 10th and Dec 17th two of the most used derivatives providers launched regulated future contracts on bitcoin. With the approval from the CBE and CBOE…

Matthew Whitcomb
9 January 2018

Mastercard To Use Blockchain Technology

Mastercard has announced that they will begin to use blockchain technology to process B2B payments. IBM recently announced similar measures. B2B Payment Service Mastercard has announced a major…

Sean O'Shea
24 October 2017

Pulsar Venture Capital Holds ICO to Raise Money Using Blockchain

Today Pulsar Venture Capital, a business accelerator and an early stage venture fund, has announced the launch of an initial coin offering (ICO) for a new VC fund that can accept…

Money Officials
23 October 2017

Yetta announces ICO of European Commission funded Blockchain Research...

Since the emergence of Bitcoin in 2009, governments and municipalities around the world have taken notice and have funded Research and Development to further advance Blockchain technology and…

Money Officials
23 October 2017 Launches ICO and Announces Presale

Y-Combinator company is launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in Nov 2017. LiveEdu is building the next-generation online learning fully decentralized on the blockchain. Their presale begins on October 30th…

Money Officials
23 October 2017


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