ICOs Are Raising More Money Than Venture Capital Funds

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have sparked massive interest as a means of raising capital for a company. By the end of March 2018, a total of $4.8 billion…

Sean O'Shea
27 March 2018

Millennials Are Not Saving Enough According to Report

A recent survey by GoBankingRates discovered that most young millennials had almost nothing in terms of savings. As part of their study, they asked over 8,000 people living…

Sean O'Shea
14 February 2018

YouTube Digital-Currency Malware Attack. Is Your Computer Safe?

Is Your YouTube Viewing Assisting Cryptocurrency Miners? It could be very likely, especially if you’re domiciled in Spain, Italy, and France. This week Google resolved a case of…

Matthew Whitcomb
29 January 2018

Where is Bitcoin Headed in 2018?

A Record Year in 2017 On December 10th and Dec 17th two of the most used derivatives providers launched regulated future contracts on bitcoin. With the approval from the CBE and CBOE…

Matthew Whitcomb
9 January 2018

Traders Are Making a Big Change to How They Use the World’s Hot...

Some investors use exchange-traded funds to achieve easy portfolio diversification. Others are attracted to their relatively low fees. But what they’re not doing is using ETFs to bet…

Money Officials
5 November 2017


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