Where is Bitcoin Headed in 2018?

A Record Year in 2017 On December 10th and Dec 17th two of the most used derivatives providers launched regulated future contracts on bitcoin. With the approval from the CBE and CBOE…

Matthew Whitcomb
9 January 2018

Bitcoin is Winning the Battle of Storytelling Against Gold

Bitcoin is winning the battle of storytelling against more traditional assets. It now has more online searches than gold. Online Searches More people have searched how to “Buy Bitcoin”…

Sean O'Shea
7 November 2017

S&P Downgrade China’s Credit Rating

S&P Rating S&P Global Rating has downgraded China’s long-term sovereign credit ratings from A+ to AA-. The move was sparked by a prolonged period of credit growth. This…

Money Officials
6 November 2017

Norway’s Pension Fund Hits $1 Trillion

Norway’s Pension Fund Norway’s pension fund has hit $1 trillion for the first time. The valuation makes it the biggest wealth fund in the world. The Scandinavian country…

Money Officials
6 November 2017

FinTech AI To Be Worth $7 Billion By 2022

AI and FinTech Artificial Intelligence (AI) in FinTech is expected to be worth $7 billion by 2022. That is according to a study released by MarketsandMarkets, a research company…

Money Officials
6 November 2017


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