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World’s Fastest Supercar Set For Production in 2018

800-hp Tomahawk Electric Supercar To Enter Production in 2018

posted onAugust 23, 2017

While the 2018 Tomahawk Electric Car features less bhp than the Bugatti Chiron (800 vs 1,479), the supercar can still reach 60 mph in just 2 seconds when in Race mode. That’s actually 0.5 second faster than the competitor promises.

The Tomahawk is capable of pulling off other impressive stunts. Even in Street Mode, it will go from 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds. The car’s four electric motors provide a range of 370 miles, featuring an even weight distribution between the front and the rear.

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Aggressive sharp and wide body design make the car look even more impressive. Dubuc Motors, known for bringing sports car to the market, has said the new model will arrive in the thousands.

The producer obviously aims for a niche market within the luxury segment.

‘We are pushing the envelope in terms of what is possible in the automotive industry to create a wow experience for our customers every time they get behind the wheel’, says Mike Kakogiannakis, a co-founder of Dubuc Motors.

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The car boasts a number of new technologies, making it a force to be reckoned with on the road. The Tomahawk is dressed in a carbon fiber body, with scissor-like doors giving it a speedy look on the outside.

The sleek cabin design demonstrates a luxurious approach, along with an extra row of seats to feel the experience.

The four motors are actually coupled to each wheel to achieve balance for either race or street mode, inviting owners to experiment with their driving styles.